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Topics included in this new issue:

  • 7 Ways To Stand Out From Your Competitors in 2017
  • Navigating the Generation Gap with Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Statistics That Are Affecting Your Local Business Right Now
  • 8 Killer Marketing Trends to Grow Your Small Business in 2017
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Topics included in Vol 14 – Feruary 2017:

  • How Lead Nurturing Can Boost Your Sales
  • The 5 Most Common Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make
  • How To Create Compelling Content withou Writing a Word
  • Designed To Convert – Why Having A Contact Page Isn’t Enough

Topics included in Vol 13 – January 2017:

  • Can a Chatbot Help Your Business?
  • 11 Cool YouTube Features You’re Not Using Yet
  • How the Latest Google Chrome Changes Will Affect Your Website
  • 7 Local Marketing Strategies to Deploy Today

Topics included in Vol 12 – December 2016:

  • 6 Winning Content Marketing Strategies for Local Business
  • The Future of Facebook Marketing for Local Businesses
  • How to Use Yelp to Dominate Your Competitors
  • 25 Must-Have Features Your Website Needs

Topics included in Vol 11 – November 2016:

  • The 8 Great Free Marketing Tools Every Business Should Have
  • How To Create a Better Online Customer Experience
  • The 10 Easiest Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation on Facebook
  • Brand Ambassadors: How To Get People Talking About Your Business

Topics included in Vol 10 – October 2016:

  • The Future of Video: Facebook Live
  • How To Build Authority and Grow Your Business
  • Increase Retention and Repeat Sales with an Online Loyalty Program
  • Insider’s Guide to Ranking Videos on YouTube – Like a Ninja!

Topics included in Vol 9 – August 2016:

  • 3 Surefire Ways to Use Retargeting for Your Local Business
  • DIY Website Audit: How Does Your Site Measure Up
  • Keep Your List Engaged After They Subscribe with These 5 Strategies
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Local Marketing

Topics included in Vol 8 – July 2016:

  • 7 Essential Tips for Using Facebook to Increase Sales
  • 3 Ways To Increase Foot Traffic in 3 Days or Less
  • How To Connect with Mobile Customers
  • Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with Push Notifications

Topics included in Vol 7 – June 2016:

  • Building Your Local Business Brand Online
  • How to Get Leads From Social Media Like the Pros
  • Get Traffic Today with these 3 Paid Ad Services
  • Getting Started With SMS Marketing

Topics included in Vol 6 – April-May 2016:

  • 4 Great Ways to Market Your Business with Twitter
  • Create the Perfect Magnet for Your Local Business
  • Smart and Easy Ways to Increase Home Page Conversions
  • The 5 Most Essential Factors to Ranking on the First Page of Google in 2016

Topics included in Vol 5 – March 2016:

  • 5 Biggest Trends in Local Search
  • Time to 86 Your Testimonial Page ?
  • How to Crush It with Video Marketing
  • Crafting the Perfect Email Newsletter

 Topics included in Vol 4 – February 2016:

  • Facebook’s New Lead Ads for Small Businesses
  • 5 Online Marketing Mistakes that will Kill Your Business
  • Making the Most Out of Online Reviews
  • Better Think Mobile when Thinking About Your Customers

Topics included in Vol 3 – January 2016:

  • To App or Not to App – think about having an App for your business
  • 5 Biggest Reasons Your Online Marketing Sucks – and how to fix it
  • Best Online Strategies to Boost In-Store Sales
  • How to Market Your Home Services Franchise