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What is?: #Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon has turned the online world upside-down. It’s been impossible to switch on the TV, read a newspaper, website or email without hearing how the web-world is ending.

On April 21st Google changed their algorithm to punish sites who aren’t mobile optimized. decided to make Mobile quality the main focus of rankings, not desktop quality.

How Does It Penalise Them?

It’s dropping their rankings. Big time. Making them much harder to find and a heck of a lot less profitable.

Make your business website mobile friendly to insure your business is not hurt by Google’s change and by making your business website more effective for customers on mobile devices.

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More On Why Your Web Needs To Be Mobile Market Friendly

First, the good news: If you already have a website, then your site can be seen by any mobile device with a browser (smart phone).

Now, the bad news: Chances are, that site looks pretty lousy, and 6 out of 10 people that visit an mobile unfriendly site will leave to find another mobile friendly site!

If you’re worried about this, you’re not alone. In the late 1990’s most companies realized that they needed to create a website to reach customers. Now in 2013, more people use mobile phones than desktop computers to get online and they are spending more time on their mobile devices than on their PCs.


What does your website design look like on your phone? Unless you have actively planned for a mobile version, chances are the user experience is “painful”. The first thing you’re likely to notice is that it takes a relatively long time to load. The second thing is that the type on the page is pretty small. It might take a lot of zooming and pinching to navigate the site as well. If you have Flash on your site, it’s not going to display at all on a Smart Phone.

At that point, your potential customers may start looking around, since 40% of users move on to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

Currently, most businesses haven’t optimized their sites for mobile. Jesse Haines, Director of Marketing at Google Mobile Ads, says the company canvassed its large advertisers early in 2011 and found only 21% have launched a mobile site.

If you’re among the other 79% or so, take heart. Optimizing your site for mobile or creating a mobile site from scratch isn’t going to break the bank or take months of time. We can show you a demo of your mobile site and get you online “mobile optimized” in a few days, without disrupting your current website.

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Google Implemented Ranking Change on 5/22/15

News video by Newsy Tech

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