If you aren’t yet using QR codes in your marketing strategy, you may be missing a tremendous opportunity to increase your visibility with your local customers and prospects.

QR Codes are being used by savvy local business to capture not just leads but spur-of-the-moment sales and new customers. These businesses have discovered:

  • QR codes are easy to use
  • The trend for use of QR codes is increasing as smartphone usage increases
  • QR code use is irresistible to mobile addicts

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If you are not yet using QR codes in your business marketing strategy, you may be missing a tremendous opportunity to increase your visibility with your local customers and prospects. Worse – this “hidden” customer demographic will be moving towards your competitors who are offering QR code deals, rewards and information.

What is Dynamic QR Code Marketing?

QR (stands for Quick Response) codes are the square bar codes you see on all kinds of printed material. They look like small image representations of crossword puzzles and they are read by mobile phones to bring up a web addresses on the internet. When they first came out these codes could only be interpreted for one web address. So if a business wanted to go and change the information on that web address they would have to change the web page or create another QR code to direct to the new information they want to present. Since these QR codes are printed on many types of business material making a new QR code could cause a large new printing expense.

The solution to this is Dynamic QR codes. Dynamic QR codes can change the web address that a QR code refers to on the fly. This allows the same printed material to still be useful for taking customers to new web pages on a schedule set up by the QR code owner. Now complete marketing campaigns can run on one QR code printed on business cards, brochures, postcards, and all the printed material being used for the campaign.


Bellrock Offers a Complete Dynamic QR Code solution

At Bellrock Internet we offer the services to create and manage dynamic QR codes for local business marketing campaigns. We can consult and create the printed marketing pieces for the successful execution of a campaign like: Coupons, Magnets, Fliers, Print Ads, Table Tents …, as well as create the mobile web site media destinations the QR code directs to.

Since every business has a custom set of needs for their QR code campaigns, we offer a custom quote after consulting with the business. To create the best solution for our QR code clients we will discuss how dynamic QR code:

  • Will generate more leads.
  • Will increase the redemption rates of their coupons.
  • Will save them money on print costs.
  • Will allow their offers to go viral.
  • Will create a higher perceived value to their customers.
  • Will bring current customers back more often.
  • Will fill in a gap in their marketing strategies.

Our understanding of these areas will help determine what type of offer, the frequency of change, where the QR codes will be displayed and the value a campaign can provide a for the business. We can then deliver our best quote for managing the campaign for an increase in sales and customer prospects for the business.

Let’s Bring In New Sales for Your Business As Soon As We Can … use our contact form to let us know you are interested and we will set up a consultation with you.

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One of our specific programs is to publish QR codes on business card size magnets. Click on this link for more details on this refrigerator magnet program…