One of the most surefire ways to round up new customers is through referrals.

We have just launched a new service which marries the use of referrals and giving the customers  thank you for their business.  Our service will help small businesses to set up a thank you referral network in which businesses hand thank you cards to their customers which refer the customer to businesses in the network with purchase discounts.

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A few tips for building a good mobile website.

1: Consider is whether your site is “thumb-friendly”. What that means in practice is lots of big, fat buttons. Keep the font size fairly large and the navigation should be fairly intuitive following the “KISS” principle. Also, since the user is already on their PHONE – a prominent CLICK TO CALL button.

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We agree with the following daily tip from Manta:

Embrace the Mobile Movement If you’re still buying stamps to mail invoices and direct mail, or using a flip phone to communicate, it’s time to hop into the new millennium. Don’t fear change—embrace it! Smart phones and tablets are here to stay. Start utilizing them for business–at your point of sale, to track spending, and to communicate with your audience. Watch your customer base, and your free time, grow.

and we are ready to help your business embrace mobile.

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