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– have us start Search Advertising Management for your Sedona Local Business!

Opportunity: Search Advertising Management for Sedona Businesses with no setup fee

We will start setting up your online Ads at Bing or Google or Facebook with NO SETUP FEE

$10 in Ads are included in our free setup

  • After we deliver your first $10 in clicks from advertising traffic, we will contact you to confirm a budget for continued advertising according to the following rates:
    • $2 management fee for each $10 in advertising for under $100 in advertising a month
    • $1.50 management fee for each $10 in advertising for over $100 in advertising a month
    • $1 management fee for each $10 in advertising for over $1000 in advertising a month
  • We invoice by email online and payments can be made by credit card or by Paypal.

In our initial setup for your advertising we:

  1. Do an analysis of your website for KEYWORD SEARCH PHRASES that potential customers will use to find what you have to offer.
  2. Then we will setup an account to deliver in clicks (or phone calls if it makes sense) to a $10 initial budget for people searching the KEYWORD SEARCH PHRASES to connect with your business.  (Usually we do this initial setup on the BING search network only to start your advertising.
  3. This setup includes:
    • input of the KEYWORD PHRASES (plus filter any keywords which should not show your Ad)
    • writing up at least 2 text Ads (headline, description, URL of page you want customer to land on
    • location settings – ads will only show on searches in geographic area selected
    • setting whether Ads will show on mobile device searches – (is you website mobile ready?)
    • click bids to show up on the first page of a search
    • set daily spend budget
  4. Report on clicks Google, Bing, or Facebook produced after first week

After the initial setup of your advertising account, we will continue to optimize for improved performance of the advertising as long as you have us manage your advertising for you.

So it costs you nothing to get started with Search Advertising Management for Sedona Businesses!

One of the extra benefits you get from doing paid search advertising is you learn what potential customers are doing on the internet to find your business.  This can be quite valuable for all your advertising and for optimization tweeks to your website content.

We are ready to get to work on your advertising and answer questions you might have.

Please give us a call or use the below form to let us know if you would like to get started:

PPC Works! – Most Businesses Spend Money on Ads to Make Money

Businesses are Happy with PPC Advertising

Businesses are Happy with PPC Advertising

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Google search paid advertising management helps businesses

Start Google Search Paid Advertising

  • This form takes you to a Paypal payment form. You will notice our LLC name on the form is: Galleria Ventures. Also, if you do not want to use Paypal to make your payment, simply fill in the information on the first page and you can use a credit card to pay on the second page.



Interested in learning more about Online Search Advertising? 

Listen to this 3 minute video about Google “Adwords” :

Have you tried Google Search Paid Advertising (PPC) ?
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Bellrock is Google Adwords Certified 
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